Readers are advised that this annual report site may contain forward-looking information and a financial outlook as described on page 20 of Management’s Discussion and Analysis.

The annual report site contains statistical data, market research and industry forecasts that were obtained from government and industry publications and reports or are based on estimates derived from same and management’s knowledge of, and experience in, the markets in which the Corporation operates. Market and industry data is subject to variations and cannot be verified due to limits on the availability and reliability of data inputs and other limitations and uncertainties inherent in any statistical survey. While management believes this data to be reliable, the Corporation has not independently verified the accuracy or completeness of any of the data from third party sources or ascertained the underlying assumptions relied upon by such sources. Accordingly, the accuracy, currency and completeness of this information cannot be guaranteed. Actual outcomes may vary materially from those forecast in such publications or reports, and the prospect for material variation can be expected to increase as the length of the forecast period increases.

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