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Amherstburg Solar


The Amherstburg Solar Park is a 20 MW crystalline solar photovoltaic (PV) power project in Amherstburg, Ontario designed, built and operated on Capstone Infrastructure’s behalf by SunPower.  The Amherstburg Solar Park also uses SunPower's proprietary single-axis Tracker T20 system, which is engineered to follow the sun during the day, increasing daily energy production by up to 30% more than fixed-tilt installations. 

Solar PV cells convert sunlight directly into electrical energy in proportion to the sunshine intensity and the angle at which solar PV cells are radiated. As a result, solar PV cells are capable of producing electricity even in the winter and during cloudy weather, although at a reduced rate. Electricity production typically varies by season, with peak production occurring in the summer, and over the course of a day, with peak production occurring at midday.

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