Wind: Parc Eolien de Saint-Philémon


Capstone owns a 51% interest in Parc Eolien de Saint-Philémon Wind Farm alongside the Town of Saint-Philémon and the Regional County Municipality of Bellechasse.

The Parc Eolien de Saint-Philémon Wind Farm generates clean, renewable energy for the local grid, displacing greenhouse gases, air pollution and toxic wastes produced by traditional energy sources. 


In comparison to other forms of electricity generation, wind energy is:


·        Renewable, efficient and complementary to other sources of electricity such as hydro, solar and natural gas

·        Emission-free, thereby helping to mitigate climate change

·        Helping to conserve water resources as water is not consumed in the generation of electricity

·        Associated with few environmental effects


As a result, the wind farm benefits the natural environment in the municipality and province overall while helping Québec to meet future electricity demand.


Wind energy is one of the fastest growing major sources of new electricity around the world. In 2012, clean wind energy grew by nearly 20 per cent in Canada, representing over $2.5 billion in investment and creating 10,500 jobs.  Canada’s current installed capacity is just over 7,600 MW.


We are committed to socially and environmentally sustainable practices in every aspect of our business.  Our goal is to foster a positive culture that is respectful of our partners, customers and communities and to maintain open, mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders. 


The Parc Eolien de Saint-Philémon Wind Farm has formed a Community Liaison Committee (CLC), which is a forum for community members and other participants, including local municipalities, First Nations communities, government agencies and local community groups to discuss concerns, exchange ideas and share plans and project updates.  The CLC meets quarterly.


The Parc Eolien de Saint-Philémon Wind Farm created approximately 60 local jobs during the construction phase of the project.  Over its estimated 20-year lifespan, the Parc Eolien de Saint-Philémon Wind Farm is expected to contribute approximately $1.8 million to local governments in property taxes, thereby helping to fund community services.   In addition, the Parc Eolien de Saint-Philémon Wind Farm will deliver guaranteed payments of $125,000 annually to the municipality, representing a contribution of $2.5 million over the life of the project.


To learn more about the Parc Eolien de Saint-Philémon wind project, contact:


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