Wind: Riverhurst

The Riverhurst Wind Farm will generate clean, renewable energy for the local grid, displacing greenhouse gases, air pollution and toxic wastes produced by traditional energy sources. 


In comparison to other forms of electricity generation, wind energy is:


·        Renewable, efficient and complementary to other sources of electricity such as hydro, solar and natural gas

·        Emission-free, thereby helping to mitigate climate change

·        Helping to conserve water resources as water is not consumed in the generation of electricity

·        Associated with few environmental effects


As a result, the project will benefit the natural environment in the municipality and province overall while helping Saskatchewan to meet future electricity demand.


Canada’s current installed capacity is just over 8,000 MW, generating the equivalent electricity consumed by an average of 2 million Canadian homes.


To learn more about the Riverhurst wind project, contact:


Rahim Rawji

Manager, Commercial

T: 416-649-1300


For media enquiries and investor relations information, contact:

Capstone Infrastructure Corporatiion
T: 416-649-1325

Capstone Infrastructure Corporation 

Corporate Office
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