Wind: Skyway 8 Wind Farm

The Skyway 8 Wind Farm is 100% owned by Capstone Infrastructure Corporation through a wholly owned subsidiary, Sky Generation LP.

Managing Habitat Impacts

To meet and exceed the requirements of Ontario’s Endangered Species Act (ESA), Skyway 8 Wind Farm has entered into an agreement with The Couchiching Conservancy to mitigate the temporary and permanent habitat impacts associated with the construction of the project. The Skyway 8 Wind Farm involves the installation of wind turbines, ancillary equipment and the construction of access roads within bobolink and eastern meadowlark habitat. Both of these bird species, which are protected under the ESA, rely upon grasslands for breeding.

Under this agreement, Skyway 8 Wind Farm has secured and will fund offset grassland habitat lands, owned by the Couchiching Conservancy, outside of the project development area for the bobolink and eastern meadowlark species. The Couchiching Conservancy will oversee and maintain this land for the duration of the project.

Skyway 8 Wind Farm is required to compensate for the removal and disruption of 6.26 hectares of habitat related to the project but has committed to funding the enhancement and management of 10 hectares of grassland to increase the habitat patch size preferred by the bobolink species. Skyway 8 Wind Farm selected these lands in consultation with The Couchiching Conservancy. Habitat creation and enhancement initiatives will include seeding a mix of grasses to increase the size and integrity of existing grassland habitats and managing and monitoring tree and shrub invasion. The offset habitat lands will be monitored each year through a series of site visits to document the number of bobolinks and eastern meadowlarks present, determine fledging success and assess overall grassland conditions.


The Couchiching Conservancy is a non-profit, non-government Ontario land trust, established by naturalists in the Orillia region. The Conservancy is dedicated to preserving the special features of ecologically significant land in the Couchiching-Severn area to provide crucial habitat for plants and animals. They protect the land in these regions by negotiating land donations and conservation agreements.  Since its inception in 1993, The Couchiching Conservancy has helped protect over 10,000 acres of natural land, through direct ownership, partnerships with other organizations such as the Nature Conservancy of Canada, or through conservation easement agreements with private landowners.


The Benefits of Wind Power

Wind power offers a number of environmental benefits.  In comparison to other forms of electricity generation, wind energy is:


·        Renewable, efficient and complementary to other sources of electricity such as hydro, solar and natural gas

·        Emission-free, thereby helping to mitigate climate change

·        Helping to conserve water resources as water is not consumed in the generation of electricity

·        Associated with few environmental effects


Canada’s current installed capacity is just over 8,000 MW, generating the equivalent electricity consumed by an average of 2 million Canadian homes.


We are committed to socially and environmentally sustainable practices in every aspect of our business.  Our goal is to foster a positive culture that is respectful of our partners, customers and communities and to maintain open, mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders. 


The Skyway 8 Wind Farm is expected to create a total of approximately 50 to 60 local jobs during the construction phase of the project.  Over its estimated 20-year lifespan, Skyway 8 is expected to contribute approximately $240,000 to local governments in property taxes, thereby helping to fund community services.

Welcome to the project announcements page. If you have any questions or comments on the construction activities, or planned wind farm operations please let us know. Contact details are provided on the Contact Us page.

Spring 2014 Newsletter
June 16, 2014 - A newsletter introducing Capstone Infrastructure to the community, and providing an update on the project.

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Offset Habitat secured with The Couchiching Conservancy
November 25, 2013 – Skyway 8 Wind Farm has secured and will fund offset grassland habitat lands, owned by the Couchiching Conservancy, outside of the project development area for the bobolink and eastern meadowlark species.
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November 2013 Newsletter
November 15, 2013 – Project newsletter providing an overview of the construction activities and schedule.

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The project obtained approval under the Environmental Assessment Act Electricity Projects regulation (O. Reg. 116/01). The 5-turbine, 9.48 megawatt (MW) project will consist of Vestas V100 wind turbines, which will have a nameplate capacity of 1.815-1.95 MW and a hub height of 95 metres. In addition to the wind turbines, the project will also include access roads, an electrical collection system, a substation, and temporary construction facilities. The project is located in the Township of Southgate, Grey County, Ontario about 10 kilometres south of Dundalk. The nearest community is the hamlet of Riverview.

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To learn more about the Skyway 8 Wind Farm, contact:

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For media enquiries and investor relations information, contact:

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