As an owner and operator of power businesses that provide essential services, we have close ties to the communities in which our businesses are located. We provide power to regional electricity grids, are a source of employment, provide work for local contractors, businesses and other vendors, and support community initiatives.

As we manage and grow our portfolio, we strive to create a positive culture that is respectful of our many stakeholders. We are guided by the following values:


In all we do, we act honestly, ethically and fairly, abiding by both the spirit and letter of our commitments and by our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. We are accountable for our decisions and seek to communicate with transparency.


Strive for profitability

We are committed to managing and growing our businesses profitably, which supports an attractive total return for our investors.



As a team, we work cooperatively and constructively to build Capstone Infrastructure and share a focus on achieving optimal performance.


Highest standards

We strive for excellence, innovation and creativity in the management and growth of our businesses and seek to effectively manage and mitigate risk.


Fulfillment for our people

We foster a professional, safe work environment where our people have the tools and resources to excel and be successful, and where they are recognized for their service and contributions.